How to Eat Fermented Red Cabbage 'Sauerkraut' | 5 Ways to Eat Sauerkraut


Just the other day I’ve got a sweet comment from Beatriz on this post I shared a short while ago about how to make fermented red cabbage.  She told me that she has made the fermented red cabbage but would also like to know other ways to eat it. So I suggested a couple of favorites; this Vietnamese-style sandwich that I love and these vegetarian tacos. There are both great to add some fermented red cabbage (particularly the Vietnamese sandwich).

But then I thought it would also be a good idea to share with all of you more about other ways on how you can incorporate or add fermented vegetables into your meals.

When making fermented vegetables, you are always making natural probiotics (and you can listen or read more about the process over here in this post). The natural probiotics produced in fermented vegetables are fabulously-good to strengthen our digestive system, detoxify, boost immunity in our body (it contains lots of vitamin c) and incredibly helpful for sugar cravings! So if you’re trying to stop sugar cravings try making some fermented cabbage and add it to your meals. Amazing right?! 

Now, there are a few ways you can eat 'sauerkraut' and below I made a list suggesting a few recipes and funky ideas on how you can take advantage of this amazing + potent health-friendly + budget-friendly food!

Thank you to Beatriz, such a sweet reader to come out with this question! 

As always love hearing from all of you! Let me know what's your favorite way to eat fermented vegetables?  


This is one of the most convenient ways to eat fermented red cabbage! Make a salad and add some sauerkraut and some of its juice into it! It will bring the best of all those fresh vegetables. Like this Radish + Red Quinoa + Potato Salad or if you're trying to restore your body try this Asian Inspired Fresh Salad to improve detoxification.


Hello, boring sandwich! Try adding some of this amazing tasteful sauerkraut in your sandwich and take it to the next level... yes, I'm talking 'awesome level' here! I mentioned my favorite above; 'The Vietnamese-Inspired Sandwich (which is already awesome ;)) but add some fermented cabbage and WOW! 


I know what you're thinking! You're thinking; Whaaaat?! Are you serious, Aldy? Yes, I am and No, I haven't lost my mind pretty people. Yes, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of fermented cabbage (natural probiotic) to your smoothie and make it a Super Smoothie to keep you body satisfy and away from sugar cravings. Try this Super Green Smoothie-juice here!


Add some sauerkraut on your scrambled eggs + toast, on top of cream cheese + toast, on top of avocado + toast and also on your favorite pizza! Try adding some fermented cabbage over this '3 Cheese Pizza with Pea Shoots' I made a while ago...too delicious! You'll boost palate and health in the most awesome way here!


This is one of the best ways to implement fermented vegetables into your meals! Instead of using a non-so-healthy salad dressing use sauerkraut. Or instead or using vinegar for your salad use sauerkraut, just add a glug of oil, and you're ready to nourish and strengthen your body. 
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