Simple Vegan Chocolate Spread (Stress-Reliever) + 5 Natural Foods to Help you Relieve Stress (Refined Sugar-Free)


When it comes to natural cures and alternatives, I’m always using food as my main source of wellness. I think feeding our bodies with wholesome food choices can improve our bodies and health completely. After all the way we treat our body and what we put in it is what could make it strong or weak. So many people (including myself) have found physical relief from just changing their eating habits and incorporating a healthier lifestyle into their lives that I think it shouldn’t be forgotten.

The food we choose to eat every day can bring out the best or the worst of us. And I’m telling you this because I’ve been there and let me tell you that since the day I’ve decided to quit refined sugar I’ve noticed so many positive outcomes in me that I couldn’t be grateful (here’s the whole story if you want to know more about it). So yes, I consider food a vital part of my life, and I know that when we open our eyes, heart, and mouth to natural foods we can feel and do things ten times better!

We ladies (especially if you are the lady of the house) need extra support to go further during the day. Even though we can multitask like no other, right?! That’s why I wanted to share with you this simple vegan chocolate spread recipe today, which also happens to be a big stress reliever! Because indulging ourselves with natural foods that have the ability to improve and help our lifestyle can make a huge difference in how we ‘people’ feel physically, mentally, and also emotionally.

So you’ll find more about chocolate as a stress reliever in the list I made for you below plus other four natural food sources that can also help you in reducing stress. The Chocolate spread recipe I’m sharing with you is totally refined sugar-free and vegan. I’m using raw chocolate/cacao powder here, but if you can’t find it, you can substitute for unsweetened cocoa baking powder.

Also, a big Thank You to those of you that reached out to me via email and for your sweet words. It means the world to me. Happy Weekend!

Who doesn’t love berries, right?! Well, berries are the kind of food that has a stress-relief effect on us. All berries have something in common; they have plenty of antioxidants and vitamin c. This means that they can also help us fight stress, contribute to weight loss, radiant skin and hair, reduce body inflammation, and improve your mood as well! You can have fresh or frozen berries (they contain the same nutrition as fresh berries). Add berries to your smoothies, your oatmeal, homemade granola, eat them in savory salads, fruit salads, with natural yogurt or just by itself. Boost your mood with berries!

Chickpeas or garbanzos as we call it in Spanish, are super-rich in vitamin B, are packed with nutrients, minerals, fiber, which are a great source of protein and… they can also help you reduce stress and boost your mood. Can this be any better?! So if you’re not including chickpeas into your meals, start by simply adding chickpeas into your salads, use them as a replacement for meat and make a ‘ChickBurger’…Ooh, yes I’m drooling over this burger. Make some chickpea crepes or a simple hummus and serve with some fresh vegetables and crusty slices of a baguette. 

Chocolate is incredibly powerful and is also one of the most helpful foods that can provide relief for stress. I knew you’d like that! I love chocolate too. The components found in dark chocolate somehow can help you de-stress and naturally bring you some mental relaxation. But let me stop right there. Store-bought chocolate bars or treats that contain seventy percent and up of cacao (or cocoa) are best but the refined sugar that’s in it is not. On the contrary, the refined sugars that these chocolate bars contain are so high in refined sugar, that can increase your stress levels! So be careful here and don’t fall into the label trap that says; ‘Natural, Healthy Chocolate’ but forget to mention; this chocolate contains ‘Lots of refined sugar in it too' So if you have to go for store-bought chocolate treats look for dark chocolate with 70%-85% of cacao preferably with raw cane sugar in it. 

But as always making your chocolate treats at home using natural sugars and ingredients is choice. Try this recipe here ‘Chia + Chocolate Truffles’ or these chocolate bark treats over here. They’re both delicious and totally foolproof even if you’re a beginner on making refined sugar-free treats. Plus ingredients are not difficult to find at all! And remember everything in moderation, even natural sugars.

Take five minutes of your day and drink a cup of tea. I love tea, particularly herbal teas. Every day would pour me a few cups of tea and drink away. And let me tell you that this five-minute tea break sometimes is the most rewarding. It gives me time to calm down, re-think better on what is the next thing to do, and makes me appreciate time even more. 

Some of the favorite flavors combinations I usually drink include; Chamomile, decaffeinated regular tea with milk and honey, decaffeinated regular tea with lemon and honey, peppermint, green tea, berries, yerba mate tea, ginger lemon and honey, chai tea, turmeric lemon and honey, and turmeric honey and milk. Some of them are for relaxation and some to eliminate toxins and some to boost energy. Drink your tea warm, at room temperature, iced or as a lemonade like in this recipe here. Remember just five minutes is all you need!

Yes, as amazing as this may sound drinking water can help you relieve stress. And I know we all know drinking water is important, but I also know we sometimes forget about the importance of drinking water. Water is a vital component in our bodies and we humans need it to prevent our bodies from feeling not so healthy. Sometimes when we don’t drink enough water during the day, our body would do anything to call for our attention and let us know that it needs it H2o. Meaning that when we feel overtired or with a big headache, this could be a cause of not having drunk enough water during the day. 

But not only this, but listen we could also help our bodies detox and get rid of toxins faster, and it could help us lose weight, and replenish our body cells. And that’s pretty amazing, no?! Hydrate yourself with about 8-10 glasses of clean water each day! Revive yourself.

If you can't find raw cacao powder you can substitute for unsweetened cocoa powder for baking. You can also use medjool dates here, just keep in mind they're bigger and more sweet so adjust quantity.

2 Tbsp. Raw Cacao Powder 
3 Tbsp. Almond Meal
15 Small Pitted Dates, soaked into hot water for about 10 minutes
5 Tbsp. plant-based milk, such as coconut milk or almond milk
1 Tbsp. Coconut oil

Add all ingredients into a food processor or powerful blender and process into a smooth paste. Transfer to a glass jar and keep in the fridge.

Spread over toasted bread add slices of any fruit you like (like bananas, berries, apples or pears) sprinkle with coconut flakes and chia seeds and enjoy! 
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