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Hello Again. Is going to be Easter soon! (Ok. may be you're thinking... Yes, I know, Aldy! And I'm getting pretty anxious (+ I'm struguling) to find some food ideas for this upcoming Easter!) (Wow! Have I just read your mind?!...I bet I did!) Not to worry my friends I bring you some pretty good Easter inspired recipes from some amazing cook+bloggers (cook-bloggers?! can I say cook-bloggers instead of food bloggers?!...Ok.) that you can make and enjoy with your family + friends (and maybe also with some friends of your friends. yes, those unxpected 'amigos' / friends that come with your 'amigos' that by the way you've never seen before... Have I just read your mind again?! WoW ) Now, going back to the recipes. I put together a selection of Easter Savoury Recipes for you because I'm guessing you've got dessert pretty much covered... chocolate eggs + chocolate bunnies...something else chocolate, right?! So  most of these recipes do not require a lot of ingredients, and in a way they are quite easy to prepare. HERE'S your cheat sheet to make some incredibly delicious Easter savoury food!

1-Griddle-pan Waffles A super-tasty breakfast treat! 

This is a great -perfect meal for breakfast from the amazing Jamie Oliver. Have a Look Here

2-Baked Eggs in Croissant 'Nests'

These are absolutely amazing + cute from my sweet blog-friend Susan @ Savoring Time in the Kitchen blog! Recipe Here


3- Smoked Salmon and Potato Quiche

Definitely a nice dish and Here's How To Make it!

4-Beet salad with Cottage Cheese and Runny Egg 

Easy + delicious salad from Lovey Rosa @ rosas-yummy-yums blog! 

5-Egg In a Hole Grilled Cheese Sandwich! 

Definitely tasty...  Have a look here!

6-Tarragon, Scallion and Crème Fraîche Egg Salad 

Another Great Salad. Super Easy to make (Here)

7-Vegan Swedish Smörgåstårta 

 Something vegan + light, perfect for Easter brunch. Here's the recipe.


8- Potato Gratin

 Warm + comforting. A nice classic perfect for gatherings (here's How)



9-Brunch Roasted Shrimp and Pineapple Salad 

Wonderful + light + easy. More here

10-Easter Avocado Deviled Eggs 

Loving this deviled eggs, they have a nice twist. (The  recipe is here)

11-Marinated Three Bean Salad 

Great side dish. Perfect combo of beans for a salad.

12- Gnocchi alla Romana 

And finally Gnocchis here! only 3 ingredients to make these gnocchis! Oh, this simple dish is by 'me' You can make these gnocchis for lunch or dinner. They're incredibly easy to make.

Keep Cooking + Be Happy!

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