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Our Little Garden ~ Homegrown Inspiration

As I was saying in my last post... We were doing some gardening and enjoying the sunny weekend. And these are some favorites snapshots from the garden.  

Our little garden gave us some sweet strawberries {the strawberry plant still small but during the first days of autumn we were able to delight our selves with these lovely strawberries} A little past strawberry season, but well worth the wait! We also grew tomatoes! Yes, we planted three tomato plants last year {some small pear shaped tomatoes} and they came out wonderful :) Small, sweet, delicious. These small tomatoes are my absolute favorite...  they are the perfect bite sized. And complemented many of our salads and picnics too.

We have been growing herbs in pots too. I love fresh homegrown herbs, they are pretty convenient and they fit so well in small gardens - Indeed! Even in a small garden like mine :) 

Some of the herbs I've been growing, I regularly use in my cooking; parsley, mint, oregano {this oregano herb grow and spread quickly and I've been able to enjoy it all year-round} - sage, basil and lemon grass. And I hope to grow some more herbs and veggies during the year :)

Some of the flower plants are also pretty and fragrant 'particularly the lavender flowers' -although some of them are suffering the effects of cold weather. And I'm waiting patiently {not true} {totally impatiently} for the 'ranunculus' flowers to sprout!!!

These are just some of the small pleasures of gardening.

I'll be back with recipes soon.  Wishing you all a colorful week ahead!

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