Pomegranate & Strawberry Honey Juice | A Cheerful Healthful Beverage for the Arriving Christmas Season | Children-Friendly

I remember Christmas vividly in our family while living in Argentina, it was always summery and pretty warm. And besides a Christmas table filled with traditional meals -which by the way were prepared by my grandmother and my mother-refreshing beverages were as essential as the food.

Sparkling fruity sweet beverages just for the adults in the family; ''Sidra'' (sparkling cider made with apples), ''Ananá Fizz'' (also a sweet fermented drink made with pineapple), sometimes sangria and… two large glass jars of delicious orange and pomegranate juice prepared with sparkling water for us children! And yet everyone in the family never seemed to have enough food or beverages. To then repeat something similar the next day but in much smaller intensity, simply a light lunch followed by days of leisure, long conversations, desserts and more orange and pomegranate juice. You know…December 'after celebration' days! 

Nowadays living in the other part of the southern hemisphere, I still celebrate Christmas in summer. So, I’ve been working on a sweet Pomegranate-Berry Juice recipe that reminds me a lot of that pomegranate juice back home. But instead of using only pomegranates I wanted to combine some fresh strawberries in it as well since they are in full season here but you can always use frozen strawberries

This is a very cheerful and healthful beverage for Christmas, kid-friendly, refined sugar-free and delicious! But if you prefer something more orangey flavor have a look at this beverage recipe from the archives :)

Children-Friendly and Refined Sugar-Free
Makes about 500-600 ml

1 Pomegranate
12 Strawberries fresh or frozen
1/2 C. Clean water
1 Tbsp. Honey or to taste
A few fresh Mint Leaves (optional)
Ice cubes (optional)


1- Remove seeds from pomegranate:
Just wash pomegranate cut in half and using a spoon remove seeds and place in a bowl.

2- In a blender add pomegranate seeds and a few tablespoons of clean water, then pulse blender in high speed until it resembles a foamy juice. Using a fine mesh strainer or a cheesecloth, strain pomegranate juice and squeeze as much juice as you can. Discard the pulp.

3- Now with a clean blender add pomegranate juice, strawberries, the 1/2 cup water, honey, mint leaves and ice. Blend in high speed until everything gets liquify and well combined. Serve and enjoy!

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