Healthier Berries Homemade Flavored Yogurt (Gluten-Free)

I would love for the mornings to be longer. Normally I prefer to go with the flow, wake up put some music, meditate and watch Lia waking up to then have breakfast together. It is our ''mother-daughter routine'' and I fully enjoy it. Breakfast consists of enjoying each other’s company and having something delicious that could fill our tummies with comfort, and energy. It could be something warmth or refreshing but most of the time this will depend on the weather.

But beyond eating a nutritious and delicious breakfast is really the connection that takes place between the two of us during that moment what gives me true energy. ''That powerful feeling that comes from your inside that creates a reaction of pure energy and light that makes us feel strong and full of life.'' You know what I mean?... 

Lately, this source of energy of which I’m telling you about has recharged my spirit in an incredible way and has been giving me moments with more than a thousand and one reasons to continue cultivating everything that I’ve always believed; family, love and good friends. Every opportunity given to share a meal with the people I love and care is different but the energy is likely the same always genuine and glowing. ''No matter what happens, no matter what the day might bring my soul will always have that infinite source of energy that I'll never lose."

Embrace and cultivate your true self, your true energy. 

I'll share more with you soon.

In the meantime here’s one of our favorite breakfast foods; Healthier Berries Homemade Flavored Yogurt!
We love this for breakfast or as an afternoon snack is incredibly easy and super delicious and much more nutritious than the flavored yogurts sold in the supermarket.
To make this berries flavored yogurt use frozen or fresh berries and natural plain yogurt. You can also use greek yogurt or coconut yogurt
We also like combining half natural yogurt and half coconut yogurt, and add toppings at the end like sunflower seeds, toasted buckwheat groats, chia seeds and cocoa nibs! So combine your favorite seeds and start enjoying a good bowl of homemade flavored yogurt.

When making this flavored yogurt use plain yogurt and berries in equal parts.

Berries, frozen or fresh any kind you'd like
Plain Natural Yogurt, but you can use Greek Yogurt or Coconut Yogurt
Coconut Sugar or Honey


1- In a saucepan add berries and a little water. Cook the berries for a few minutes until berries start to soften, and juices of the berries start to come out. Add coconut sugar or honey to taste. And you just made homemade berry jam! Then take off the heat and set aside. Let it cool.

2- In a bowl add plain yogurt and pour the berries jam you've just made into the yogurt. Mix and sprinkle with your favorite seeds and more coconut sugar or honey if needed! And that's it! Super easy, healthy and delicious! 

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