Spirulina & Apple Smoothie + Implementing "Superfoods" Series | Part 1

When I started changing my eating habits one thing that I would do is implement a new (to my –knowledge) nutrient-dense food or as most people call it: ‘Superfood’

What is a Superfood?... 
Superfood is food that is beneficial to the body and general health and that can provide great nutrition and an array of health benefits to one's well-being.

One of my favorites is Spirulina – ''Spirulina'' is a type of microalgae and it’s a great natural multivitamin with a high content of protein, iron, vitamin B, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. And a single dose can add over a hundred nutrients to your body. Spirulina is incredibly powerful and it is considered one of the most nutritious food in the world some called it ‘green gold’.

Consuming Spirulina:

Spirulina has a very distinctive green color and a seaweed-like flavor. Some people would mix the spirulina powder with water and drink it straight but I prefer adding it to my juices or smoothies. When blended with fruits or plant-based milk the spirulina flavor is almost unnoticeable and the taste is certainly much more enjoyable!

Some benefits of ''spirulina'' include:

+Balance blood sugar+Detoxifier+Anti-inflammatory+Great Alkaline Food / It can balance the body’s ph+Boost Immunity+Decrease muscle fatigue+Increase vitality.

Buying Spirulina:

You can either buy spirulina powder or tablets. I prefer spirulina powder since I can easily add it to my smoothies and recipes. And always remember to verify the quality of the product and choose certified organic spirulina when buying.

A Word of Caution:

If you’re under a certain type of medication you should consult with your doctor before consuming spirulina, since it can interact with some types of medications. It is not recommended for Pregnant and nursing women and it be should avoid. People with a special medical condition need to speak with their doctor first before consuming spirulina. Just to be on the safe side, always check with a doctor first.

This is an amazing nutritional food and its benefits are extensive.

Having a spirulina smoothie or juice can increase vitality naturally without caffeine, sugary drinks or foods, isn’t this great? Bellow my Spirulina + Apple Smoothie with you that I love having at mid-morning or as a refresher + wake-up drink in the afternoon!

Makes 650 ml / 23 oz 

If you want to reduce the taste of the Spirulina powder, even more, you can always add some fresh mint leaves and 1/2 frozen banana! 

2 1/2 Small Green apples or 2 Medium, peeled and cut into quarters
2 Pineapple cut into cubes
1/2 Lemon, peeled
Thumb-Size Piece of Fresh Ginger or about 1/2 tsp. ground ginger
300 ml Clean Water or Coconut Water
1/2 tsp. Spirulina Powder
Ice optional


In a blender add apples, pineapple, lemon, ginger, water and spirulina powder. Blend all ingredients until you get a smooth but semi-thick consistency. Serve and enjoy!