Cabbage, Mango, Spinach Vegetarian Tacos for an Easy Weekend Meal

These vegetarian tacos are one of our favorite weekend meals. They’re full of flavor and just too easy to put together! We like mixing and matching all sort of different leafy greens, legumes and veggies too. But this flavor combination is by far the one we enjoy the most. Is fresh, super simple and has a quick of sweet + tangy taste in it too. Every time we make these vegetarian tacos, we love adding some fermented red cabbage (or any fermented vegetable we have in the fridge) and something sweet like mango, pear or apple to the filling to give it that extra-happy flavor. It just makes this veggie meal more delicious.

You can make as many as you want of these tacos; you can also use kale or lettuces instead of spinach or add fresh radishes, cucumbers, some delicious slices of avocado…I mean the combinations are endless, my friends. They’re incredibly perfect when we’re in a rush or feeling like craving for a lighter but satisfying easy vegetarian meal !



Corn Tortillas, or you can use taco shells 
Black beans
Spinach leaves, or any other green of your choice
Some Alfalfa 
Some chopped Parsley
Slices of green chile (optional)
Mango, cut into cubes


Heat tortillas slightly. Place tortilla on a plate or chopping board and start adding the filling. Start by adding spinach leaves, then the black beans, chopped mango, tomatoes, chopped parsley, fermented red cabbage and alfalfa. Drizzle with natural yogurt or greek yogurt and some hot sauce like sriracha if you like. Serve immediately + Enjoy!


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