6 Easy Heartwarming Sweet Gluten-Free Baking Gifts (For the Gourmand)

I'm planning on giving homemade "gluten-free" baking gifts to some of our friends...so I've been gathering ingredients and trying to decide on a few (pretty) paper wrapping ideas and designs! 

And let me tell you that making gluten-free goodies is probably one of my favorite things to do this time of year. Perhaps the best gifts 'we gourmands' can give to the people we love and care. Our way to show them how much we love them right?!... Handmade edible gifts are always, more practical, (more) delicious and, needless to say, more personal because they're made with lots of love too. Something that makes one happier.

So while planning my gluten-free making gifts, I thought I'd share this with you too! Here's a highlight of six of my personal favorites for you to try. Most ingredients in these recipes are budget-friendly, (almost) effortless and tasty. 
Happy Gift Making + Baking!