The Picnic by the Sea /// My Little Trip Around New Zealand and Some News


Breath taking places in New Zealand places to visit the countryside picnic by the sea
   Picnic by the Ocean, NZ

Living in a country surrounded by such beautiful gifts of nature makes one immediately fall in love with it. And I couldn’t help falling in love with the places we’ve visited these last couple of weeks either. It was truly inspirational.

We certainly enjoyed every minute of our journey. Visiting farms, parks, beaches and places outside the city that made our little trip even more fascinating. Fortunately we had beautiful sunny days-- That also led me to many pictures opportunities! Our days were filled of outstanding sceneries, picnics, and relaxing time. We traveled to the northland of New Zealand which has a unique view. And it is famous for its outstanding beaches and its picturesque parcels of vineyards. Colorful farms full of fresh produce and aromatic seasonal fruits.

The majestic green mountains and hills neatly decorated with little sheep, goats, trees and cows—made our driving irresistibly relaxing.  An absolute feast for the eyes.

The long walks by the crystal blue-turquoise waters were followed by late afternoon picnics { One of my favorite parts :) } We enjoyed sides like cheeses, nuts, salads, fresh fruits and mortadella sandwiches with rye bread. Something easy enough and satisfying to keep us going throughout the day until dinner time. And after enjoying such long day filled with sun and cool breezes from the ocean it was nice to warm up with a hot cup of peppermint tea. 

We have walked through a farmland with more than 130 years of history. The view was simply magnificent. In fact, I had never seen a farm by the ocean. This truly fascinates me! The barn, the milking shed, and the other little farm buildings looked stunning with such a view.  

Driving back home we stopped for a strawberry ice cream and a large tray of fresh strawberries at the strawberry farm.

There’s so much yet to be seen and enjoyed around here. But now I have to prepare for a different kind of trip. Yes, soon we will be traveling to my homeland; Argentina. A long time promise, that I have been looking forward for about two years. Soon I will be cooking and sharing recipes with my mom and enjoying some time with my brothers. I leave you with the pictures from our little trip around New Zealand. I will be back soon with a delicious strawberry recipe with strawberries from the farm.  I hope you are enjoying the beginning of this New Year with your loved ones. Thank you all for your beautiful comments and thoughts!
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