Recap of My Favorite Recipes And A Road Trip


Hello Everybody,

I hope you’ve had a marvelous Christmas!

Thank you very much for all your beautiful words and warm wishes. It really means a lot to me! And I keep all of them close to my heart : )  

Besides sharing thoughts of happiness, feasting and celebrating Christmas with wonderful friends--we have been taking good advantage of the extra -long-weekend. Indeed! We went exploring within the North land of New Zealand.

I can’t tell you how much J. and I enjoyed this two days trip!  But our journey is not over yet. We will be on the road again this upcoming weekend as well. In the meantime I thought I'd share a few of my favorite 2011 recipes. These recipes are simply the kind of food that I cook and eat into my everyday life. Simple--fresh eating.

And I really hope during this year my cooking have inspired you in same way.
Thanks for your love and support!

Have a wonderful and safe New Year weekend! And I’ll share photos from our trip as soon as I return!


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