Recap of My Favorite Recipes And A Road Trip

Hello Everybody,

I hope you’ve had a marvelous Christmas!

Thank you very much for all your beautiful words and warm wishes. It really means a lot to me! And I keep all of them close to my heart : )  

Besides sharing thoughts of happiness, feasting and celebrating Christmas with wonderful friends--we have been taking good advantage of the extra -long-weekend. Indeed! We went exploring within the North land of New Zealand.

I can’t tell you how much J. and I enjoyed this two days trip!  But our journey is not over yet. We will be on the road again this upcoming weekend as well. In the meantime I thought I'd share a few of my favorite 2011 recipes. These recipes are simply the kind of food that I cook and eat into my everyday life. Simple--fresh eating.

And I really hope during this year my cooking have inspired you in same way.
Thanks for your love and support!

Have a wonderful and safe New Year weekend! And I’ll share photos from our trip as soon as I return!


  1. Wonderful recipes! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll blog about next year.

    Best wishes for 2012!



  2. THIS has been a truly DELICIOUS journey here at your blog, Aldy!!! And your photography is some of the best I see....thank you for coming to visit me and I WISH YOU a happy and CREATIVE 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fondly, Anita

  3. Enjoy your travels and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012! All of your recipes are a delight to see and so beautifully photoed.

  4. Everything looks delicious! Happy new year!

  5. Dear and Sweet Aldi,

    Thanks for sharing your talents in the www. I always get new ideas and inspiration just looking at your droolisimas fotos! (Smile)

    Your recipes and your pictures speak loudly of your kind personally. It makes me want to meet you someday.

    I wish you the best year of your life, full of blessings for you and your love ones this coming 2012.



  6. Unas fotos hermosas. Me gustaría ver también fotos del viaje, seguro que sacaste muchas que deben ser tan lindas como estas.
    Te deseo un muy feliz año nuevo!

  7. @ Rosa,

    @ Anita,

    @ Susan,

    Thank you beautiful Ladies!


  8. @ Mely, I'm very flattered that you say that:) Much-Much Appreciated. Best wishes to you too :)


  9. @ Erika, Gracias! Si te prometo que habran fotos. Todo lo mejor para vos tambien :) Abrazotes.

  10. Que delicia....unas hermosas fotos de unas deliciosas recetas!!....Te deseo un maravilloso año 2012 !!.... con abundancia de salud, trabajo, amor y paz !!.... y por supuesto ..... recetas maravillosas!! . todo lo mejor para ti y familia !!.... Abrazotes, Marcela.

  11. It's certainly been a delicious year here! Enjoy your trip and wishing you all the best for a wonderful start to the new year!

  12. Hi Dear,
    This is a wonderful collection of recipes. Whenever I come to ur site, its very difficult for me to dig in one fav frm ur vast beautiful collection. I;'m totally in luv with all these ... !
    Wish you and ur family a fabulous year and enjoy cooking appetizing delicacies. Thanks n Regards, Sonia

  13. @ Marcela, Lo mismo para vos. Gracias :)

  14. @ Sylvie,

    @ Sonia,

    Thank you Beautiful Ladies! HUGS <3

  15. All wonderful recipes and photos. Thank you for sharing! Happy new year to you and yours!

  16. The lentil salad looks great, as does the focaccia. Yum!

  17. beautiful recipes! :) looking forward to 2012! it's been wonderful getting to know you through the blog world, aldy!

  18. Happy New Year Aldy.
    I discovered your blog few months ago and loved reading it since. Can't wait to see all the amazing recipes shown in stunning photos you gonna share in 2012!

  19. Happy New Year Dear Aldy! I am glad that you are enjoying yourself.
    Love your favorites...and I look forward for more of your wonderful recipes/pictures :-)

  20. Ha sido un año excelente para vos, Aldy! Me muero por ver las fotos de tu viaje, para conocer ese lado del mundo!
    Lo mejor para vos este 2012! Y aguanten las argies!!! ;D

  21. What a such great post, your pics are beautiful. Love it. May 2012 bring you much love, peace, success and happiness to you and your family

  22. What lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. My husband recently spent some time in New Zealand and said that it was the most beautiful place he's ever been.

  23. @ Mama gotta Bake, Hi! Nice to meet you :) Happy you liked it!


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