Strawberry Banana Licuado/Healthier Flavored Milk (Vegan) (Gluten-Free) (Refined Sugar-Free)


Healthier Flavored Milk, licuado, vegan, refined sugar-free, easy recipes, delicious
Healthier Flavored Milk, licuado, vegan, refined sugar-free, easy recipes, delicious

During the summer season (now, we’re in winter here) we’ve got to enjoy strawberries to the fullest! We’ve got incredibly lucky to found an amazing stand selling delicious, beautiful strawberries at one of our favorite's farmer’s markets. And at a very fair price as well. So you can imagine my face when I saw all those strawberries at the farmer’s market…it was like Strawberry Christmas! We bought as much as we could. Thinking that we would use part of what we bought during the hot season and save the rest of the strawberries in our little fridge for later on. So we did. We used half of the strawberries we bought during summer and cleaned and froze the other half to use during the strawberry-less, cold season.

And we’ve been enjoying those strawberries like no tomorrow. On summer days we used lots of fresh strawberries and made a variety of fruit salads, also savory salads (one savory salad we never get tired on summer is spinach leaves, tomatoes, feta, and strawberries!), made these crepes with ricotta and strawberries, use it in our oatmeal for breakfast, made our quick strawberry jam lots of time, use them in smoothies and also made Licuados….lots of licuados!

Licuados are very popular where I come from, and a must-have during summery days. Licuado is not a milkshake neither a smoothie. Licuado is more like flavored milk; its texture is light and with a little froth. Is usually made with milk or water or half and a half (half milk + half water) and a combination of blended fruits or one single fruit. Some of the most famous flavors are Banana, Strawberry, Peach, and Strawberry + Banana. My personal favorite, also Lia’s and J. is Strawberry and banana with homemade coconut milk

We love having this as a snack in the afternoon or after a light meal. Is super delicious, very satisfying and incredibly wholesome. You can also use almond milk, regular milk or just clean water for a lighter version.  Add a bit or a lot of ice if you’re in the other side of the hemisphere enjoying the sun :) or have it at room temperature if you’re not that lucky! 

But wherever season you are in just enjoy life, be happy, eat well and of course, have a large strawberry + banana licuado! 

Healthier Flavored Milk, licuado, vegan, refined sugar-free, easy recipes, delicious
Vegan flavored milk, homemade, easy recipes, refined sugar-free, glutenfree


12 Strawberries
2 Large Semi-ripe Bananas
900 ml Coconut milk, or any milk of your choice or use water for a lighter version.
Ice, optional

Add all ingredients in a blender. Blend everything together for a couple of minutes until smooth. Consistency should be light and a with a bit of froth. Serve immediately!

Super Wholesome Flavored Milk, Licuado, refined sugar-free recipes, easy, healthier recipes for busy people
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