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Today I have the pleasure to introduce to you someone very special, sweet and super talented. Her name is Lora, and she’s the creative behind CraftivityDesigns. Her blog if full of beautiful, inspiring home décor ideas, home organizing tips, and plenty of resources to help you create a lovely home. I’ve met Lora throughout the Solidarity Sisters group and over the past two months we chat a lot back and forth about blogging and also give each other encouragement and happy thoughts. And I couldn’t be happier that she’s here today sharing some amazing tips on home and décor. Enjoy + 

We all have different visions for our homes, but many of us could agree that we desire a cozy home. We hope for a home that feels welcoming and warm, makes hospitality simple, and everyday life relaxed.

My name is Lora, and I blog at Craftivity Designs. These are some of the ways that I'd describe the vision for my home. Your personal style might be vastly different than mine, but when it comes to creating a home it's not so much style that matters. Instead, I've found that the home's story trumps its style.

What do I mean by a home's story?
 A home is created by the people who live and visit within it. It’s created by the stories of its homeowners and the families who raised them. Similarly, when we consider how our homes reflect who we are, "cozy" will be a natural result.


Have you ever looked at a beautifully accessorized nightstand and thought "well that's lovely; but where do you actually put anything at night?" Our homes aren't magazines. We need spaces that actually work and function well for our family. Even though our home may look and feel cozy to a guest; we also want it to be a cozy, relaxed everyday space. Find pretty pieces that offer function in your home.

The buffet that sits at the end of our dining room acts as a serving space during parties. However, inside the buffet, we store board games, card decks, puzzles, and office supplies. Why? Even though we use our dining room to eat, we also use it to play games at the table. My husband works in here when he is paying bills. Don't get stuck on the original purpose of furniture -- or even an entire room -- use it in the way that functions best for your family.


Texture adds depth, interest and warmth a room. When you walk through a store -- what do you want to reach out and touch? For example, when I'm in a furniture store, it's the rustic, worn wood finishes that I want to run my hands over. Maybe you love soft, thick, knitted blankets... or are drawn to crisp linens. Pull those textures into your home.

I didn't want our master bath to feel like a cold, white box so I hung an aged wood shelf. Plus, it's full of more textures which I'm drawn to; such as knitted baskets, soft towels, and stoneware.


I love vintage items. I'd rather buy furniture from a flea market, than new, most any day. Even if you aren't interested in thrifting, still consider a few key pieces that have a history. When a few aged pieces are mixed in with new itemsyou start to create a more collected, cozy home. We don't typically feel cozy on a showroom floor. Why? Everything is new, everything is perfect and it all feels untouchable.

In contrast, the dresser in our entryway has been beaten up. It has dings and scratches. The kids can touch it... they can run into it... and I don't have to stress about it. Furniture that has been "pre-loved" allows us to breath a little easier and creates a relaxing, cozy home.


Rome wasn't built in a day... and neither is a home. You've got belongings that have been collected throughout your life -- and that is a good thing. Embrace a variety of styles, finishes, and colors. If your family loves an item, keep it, even if it doesn't match. Homes with items collected over a lifetime feel natural and not staged.

Our bedroom breaks all the old rules about matching. I am a recovering match-aholic. Never could I have mixed shades of navy, or cream with white, or varying wood tones; but now I do it in every room -- and I love it.  We are surrounded by pieces that we love, not pieces that match.


This is where the coziness really starts to exude in a home, I think. Fill your home with items that are meaningful. Your walls are an especially simple place to do this.

The walls in our stairwell are filled with photos, scripture verses, antiques, and heirlooms that have significance. The art throughout our home is representative of who we are, which results in a place that feels personal, comfortable and lived-in.

Have you gotten some ideas on how to make your space feel cozy? Focus on incorporating your family's personality into a room, and less on defining your style. The style will develop naturally as you collect meaningful, beautiful, functional pieces over time.

I have to mention one more bonus tip for a cozy home -- the delicious aroma of food being prepared in the kitchen -- which is what Aldy has already nailed. Thanks so much to Aldy for having me here -- it's been such a blessing to get to know her over the last two months!


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