How To Make Coconut Milk at Home (+ Video) | Quick & Easy Method Coconut Milk Recipe


While we love eating nutritious and healthy in our home, we know certain foods are way out of the budget sometimes. So we’re always making our foods. Mainly for two reasons, one to save some money in our pockets and two; because we like to know what's inside our food. And I promise you; we make 'a lot' of food in our tiny kitchen and I'll tell you more in another post later.

However, one food that we can’t stop making is “Coconut Milk”. Making this can certainly keep your pantry (and pocket) budget-friendly. Needless to say; much healthier too since more of the store-bought version that comes in paper boxes contains "additives" and just a little bit of coconut milk! So why buying the store-bought version when we can make our own coconut milk at home a hundred percent better! And needless to say hundred percent real! 

If you are looking for an affordable lactose-free milk alternative this is perfect! We make this milk all the time and use it in our smoothies, chai lattes, porridge, and also add it to our drinking chocolate; which by the way is insanely delicious!

The process of making coconut milk is beyond easy and totally foolproof. You can use Desiccated coconut, shredded coconut, or coconut flakes. And the only equipment you’ll need is a blender, a mesh colander or muslin/cheesecloth and a wooden spoon. Amazing, right?! 

So now, you too can make fresh plant-based milk at home by simply using two ingredients; Coconut and Water. Oh, and it tastes incredible refreshing poured right out of the cold refrigerator! I made a short video just for you to show you the texture and deliciousness of homemade coconut milk.

Eat to Nourish!

Video Update: Hi everyone! I just made a video recipe about "how to make coconut milk 🥥 🥛 at home using dried coconut".You'll see how easy it is to make yourself!

Previous Video: Showing you Homemade Coconut Milk right out of the fridge!


1 C. Unsweetened Desiccated Coconut, Shredded Coconut or Coconut Flakes  (I use Desiccated Coconut)
1 Lt. Hot Water (75C-80C)
Mesh Colander or Muslin/ Cheesecloth


1- Heat water,( about 75C-80C), but do not boil. Set aside.

2- In a blender add coconut, slowly add the hot water. Cover the lid with a folded kitchen towel so it's completely covered. Remember is hot, so be careful.  Blend on high for a couple of minutes.

3- Pour mixture through a mesh colander and using a wooden spoon press to get most of the coconut milk out (like in the picture above). Pour into a glass jar and keep it refrigerated.

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