How to make Cauliflower Rice | 2 Quick & Simple Methods

Hey, hey, hey! Aldy here. Today I'm sharing this super easy How-To with you and also my first (photo) video! I hope you like it. Oh, by the way, I'm a total novice about video bare with me. And of course, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. A new post will follow after this, where I'll share with you my favorite way of preparing and cooking cauliflower rice. So expect another post in the next few days.

One of the things about making cauliflower rice is that it is by far the most incredible and fun way to incorporate more green vegetables into your everyday eating-- it still tastes like cauliflower though but by doing this process, the cauliflower becomes the size of a grain of regular rice. And combined with other ingredients, it just tastes Super Delish! So if you have children, and they are a bit (extremely) picky about veggies, and one of them is cauliflower, well let me tell you that once you make it this way they would not even realize they're eating it. I mean I can eat cauliflower mostly in all forms, raw, roasted, sauteed, but Lia…would ‘only’ eat it when I make it into rice-like pieces. Sometimes the simplest trick can make a difference.

I use color cauliflower or white just whatever color I'd find available. I’m using a box grater here because the consistency and texture of the florets become more evenly. But with a food processor—which is faster; you need to process the florets with a bit of care, since sometimes they become too small in size or to uneven, and also a bit soggy-wet consistency. But this is just me! You’re more than welcome to try both methods and see which one you like the most. I’ve used both methods but –as you can see-- using the box grater is by far my favorite. So I included both methods.


1 cauliflower head, any type you’d like You can use color cauliflower or white cauliflower, they both work great.


1- Wash cauliflower.
2- Remove the outer leaves.
3- And cut the core.
4- Cut any tough stems

Method #1 Using a Box Grater: 

start by grating one floret on the medium or large holes of the box grater), do the same with remaining florets until you get pieces that reach a consistency similar to regular rice-grain. (Just like in the video above!)

Method #2  Using a Food Processor: 

place pieces of cauliflower florets, (one by one) and press the pulse button in your food processor for a few times, until you get the right consistency. 


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