Apple & Pear Compote | Beautiful Refreshing Dessert | (Children-Friendly)

Hey, Friends! 

It's a hot sunny day outside, in fact, most days of January have been hot oh...yes, we're in the summer season here. And while writing to you, I'm having my bowl of apple compote next to me. And believe me, it's an incredible delicious-happy-refreshing feeling (inside + out). 

As many of you already know I come from Argentina and "Apple Compote" or as we call it in spanish "Compota de Manzanas" is something that pretty much all of us grow up eating! It is a very well known "light dessert" that we prepare and eat during really hot summery days or when feeling with an upset stomach

So besides eating apple compote on summer days, if someone in the family got sick or got an upset stomach... mom would make apple compote in large batches, leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours and serve it to us. It's like a 'healing - soothing - dessert' that brings relief to your tummy and a happy smile to your whole-body. Unlike eating raw apples, when eating cooked apples like in the form of compote, this makes it easier for our digestive system to process and reduce tummy inflammation in a gentle not to mention delicious way. 

But whatever way you choose to enjoy this 'Compote' you can always combine different fruits as well and make it more interesting! We often make this compote using just apples, but our second favorite compote is apples and pears. We just love it! 

So if you never try a fruit compote before here I'm sharing this favorite of ours that you can simply prepare at home in no time! 😋

Ps: Yes, that's Lia's little hand in the first photo above (while doing this photo-shoot) she enjoys playing with water + apples... a lot...but I'd always pretend she's helping mommy in the kitchen!


The compote lasts a week in the fridge. And the quantities in the recipe make a jar of 1 1/2 Lt of compote, but you can always make half of the ingredients to make a small batch. You can use apples and pears or just apples and eat it cool or at room temperature.
6 Apples, medium size (red or green apples)
3 Firm Pears, medium size  
1 1/2 Lt. Purified water (about 6 cups) 
Honey or Organic Cane Sugar to taste  
Spices: 1 Bark cinnamon, 2 cloves, 1/2 Vanilla bean, scraped
1- Wash, peeled, deseed and cut apples into quarters. Do the same with the pears. Place apples and pears into a saucepan. Add water and spices. 
2- Then cover and bring to a boil. Add sweetener of your choice. And let it cook slowly on low heat for about 20 - 25 minutes. Or until apples and pears are tender. When ready remove from heat and let it cool completely. Pour compote into a jar or small jars and keep in the fridge.