Radish + Pear + Basil Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette //// (Vegetarian)


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I am really missing the summer lately. Days have been tremendously cool around here.I can't wait for the summer season to come! Please come soon! I miss summer those summery days just because I'm pretty much a 'spring- summer fanatic'...yes, really! Cool winter days made me feel a little bit kind of 'blue(ish)'. It's not that I don't like cool days, I just enjoy summer more. Plus there are more fun things to do when days are warm, bright and sunny, no?!

However, I made a lot of different salads with my sister last year (while we were visiting my family in Argentina). We both love salads very much and the long sunny, hot days made the salads even more enjoyable. We made some of them with more ingredients than others but all of them incredibly flavorful. 

One of our favorites is this radish and pear salad, and we have made it many times with my sister. Just because is too easy to put together (great for those hot days when you don't feel like spending to much time in the kitchen) So in celebration of the winter season, (I know I'm in winter season and I'm writing about summer...yes I told you I miss summer!) and to cheer myself up I'm going to share with you this salad full of summery , refreshing  memories.. Happy Week!!!!!!!!!! {whatever the season}

// PS: My sister below doing this photo shoot with me. Thank you, R. I love you.

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> Simply cut radishes and pears into slices. Put in a serving dish and set aside. 

> To make the cumin vinaigrette:

Combine one part vinegar plus tree parts oil. Add one or two tsp. of ground cumin {more or less -according to your taste}, then add salt to taste. Mix vigorously. Pour over the salad, garnish with fresh basil. Serve as a side, or just eat by itself  as a quick lunch with some baguette or french stick bread!  Enjoy your Homemade fast food!

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