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And yet, seems that every day brings its own beauty and challenge… every day, every month, and every year.  At least is the way I see it. This month has been full of happy moments, cold weather, a lot of baking and also challenges. June will almost end and I feel overjoy to welcome July. Another moth also means another opportunity to me. Yes, opportunities to be inspire, to share, to remember, to create. A month to breathe new life into the richness of creativity {to explore and to expand} – I’m never tired of creativity in fact I don’t think I could live without it. And I don’t believe there is such thing as not creative person, we all need to express ourselves. After all we are powerful beings.

Sometimes we need to take time for ourselves, listen to the heart and look for those small, little happy moments in life {and I am always reminding myself} to look for them! My mother says; little ‘bits’ of happy moments matter into everyday life...maybe they would not change your life right away but they could change your day.These words always gives me a sense of spiritual freshness, a smile and also make me more eager to do something new every day and flex my inner creativity.

There is always something new to learn, and there is always someone to be inspired by.

This last week I’ve been inspired by many things and people;  

comments from wonderful readers, words of love from my sister and a hearty detail from Martina from the beautiful blog M's Art Impressions, who recently featured Al Dente Gourmet Blog  and talked about my approach to cooking and photography.Thank you, Martina!

I felt touch and amazed by a film trailer called; 'Queen of the Sun'. This is a film about Bees, their alarming disappearance and how this is affecting the circle of life. I invite you to watch the trailer here and to pass it on. 

I also felt inspired by this phrase and this phrase. And this photo,and I couldn’t resist saving this ice cream recipe {even though is winter here in NZ} ... adding this gorgeous colorful photo to my food styling Pinterest board. And I found this sweet and great gift wrapping idea.

Finally, I’ve got the courage to make fresh ricotta during the weekend {I’ve wanted to make homemade ricotta for months} and this has become my latest addiction. Now I could not stop making it. I will come back with the recipe soon.

I hope you enjoy these links!

Let’s enjoy, listen to the heart, have a walk, take a moment to relax and explore life throughout creativity.

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  1. Congrats on the feature! Like you, I cannot imagine life without being creative or inspired...



  2. Me encanta tu creatividad y es bueno escuchar el corazón para crear los momentos de felicidad aunque muy pequeños sean,abrazos y feliz semana.

  3. That's a beautiful way to see life, always being inspired by something or someone. Great zanahorias picture!

  4. Oh Aldy,

    I typically do not like carrots....but this photo, OH MY .....what a feast for the eyes my dearest!!! LOVE IT SO!!!

    Thank you for your kind visit and now I must run; my husband is rushing me to go for a walk...our weather is LOVELY!

    ENJOY MY DEAR. Anita

  5. I m so glad to see your inspirations. Congrats for getting featured. Keep rocking !

  6. Beautiful post Aldy...and very inspirational :)
    Lovely picture and thanks for the links.
    Hope you are having a fabulous week!

  7. Thank you everyone for your opinions, comments and support :)

  8. I just love your thoughts about creativity, it really inspired me to be more creative :-) And congratulations on the featured you're very talented...I love the carrots picture.


  9. nice blog checkout mine on

    feel free to leave a comment

  10. Dear Aldy, so glad you liked the feature on my blog and thank you so much for mentioning me! Will look at all your inspiring links and - oh, these carrots look so good! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Love the carrot's pic and very inspirational.Lovely thoughts, thanks for this

  12. Sometimes I find it hard to take time for myself with the whirlwind of everything else going on. A really need to do that more often!

    Loved this post and those gorgeous carrots :)

  13. @ Susan, I'm glad you liked this post.And I hope you can take some time out to relax :)


  14. Hi Aldy! Congrats on the feature! I'm thankful for your creative work which inspires me. I'm not so creative person and I need lots of inspiration and guidance. :-) Love your carrots shot. Simple, and gorgeous.

  15. Que maravilla de entrada.....super motivadora!....y que bellas las zanahorias!!.........Abrazotes, Marcela


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