I've Crossed the Miles- First part of our trip, Chile


Santiago, Chile

A beautiful place I had seen and delicious food I had eaten. 

Indeed! I supposed I should have known that I would fall in love with the beauties of Chile. Another thing that I should tell you is that I never visited Chile before, but I always wanted to--particularly because part of our family lives there. And seen their welcoming and sweet faces have filled our hearts with warm and comfortable feelings.

We didn’t have much time to explore and share with our loved ones as much as we wanted to but we treasured every moment.

The Streets of Santiago, Chile

The weather was quite warm and invited us to enjoy of long walks around the city. 

Tall-leafy trees and Impressive buildings with rich and varied architecture decorate the main streets of Santiago. I never felt such admiration and curiosity about buildings. Lots and lots of European style buildings!  

Walking through Plaza de Armas –Plaza of Arms was absolutely vibrant and fun; it was surrounded by people sitting, people walking, children playing around, performers and artists at work like magicians, cartoonist and The Living Statue Lady- Which of course, I absolutely loved watching.

Restaurants, street stalls and Panaderias- Bakeries seem endless. And I was certainly surprised to learn about the variety of breads, cakes and specialty desserts to go that can be found in the panaderias.

After visiting many historical places {like the outstanding museum-where we feed our eyes with breath-taking art pieces} we also decided to feed our palates! 

The perfect excuse to have The Merienda- Afternoon teatime! The day was warm and we wanted something light and refreshing. We found a lovely coffee house while walking.  

A fresh strawberry juice and kuchen de Duraznos –Peach Kuchen/ German Cake followed :)

The Beautiful Flowering Trees that decorates the streets of Santiago, Chile.

 Chilean Empanadas
Eating Empanadas de mariscos con queso- Seafood and cheese stuffed pastry/turnovers, was irresistibly delicious!!!

I believe one of the most beautiful Chilean creations I ever had. Indeed! The empanadas flavors melted into my mouth, it felt like heaven on earth.  

Visiting La Vega – one of the biggest markets in Santiago, I found the most countless and freshly types of fish! Gorgeous colorful produce in season and the savory aromas of pescado frito con papas- fish and chips, cazuela de mariscos- light-broth soup with a selection of seafood and empanadas.  

We decided to make a stop with our family and have a succulent lunch at Donde Augusto – a larger restaurant {inside La Vega Market} with a huge selection of seafood dishes. 

It was crowded, full of people from all around the world, busy and loud …

but we love it! A unique place well worth to visit, full of traditional Chilean flavors.

 Reineta Fish with fries

Our family also prepared lovely morning breakfasts for us. Warm bread ''my weakness'' , cheeses and lots of fruits; juicy peaches, vibrant pink raspberries, bananas and the most gorgeous and sweet blackberries!''They know what they like the most" :)  

And lunches such as; mouth-watering empanadas de pino – ground beef stuffed pastry, pastel de carne—Mashed potatoes pie.

 Chilean Humitas
And the beloved Humitas { which differs from the Tamales} Yes, they look alike but there’s some differences between the two of them. But that’s another story :)
A huge Thank You to our family in Chile, for such a beautiful and unforgettable welcoming! 

 Precious moments. 

So this is the first part of our trip. More photos to follow! Yes, the second part of our trip from Argentina. I’ll be back soon ! Thank you for all the lovely comments, beautiful people :) Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!


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