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Bio //

Hi, it's great to have you here! I'm Aldy, a cook + a Mum. I’m an Argentinian that wasn’t born in Argentina, and I’m married to a wonderful man that supports me in everything I do. During my second year at the University of Visual Arts, I decided to follow my heart and do what I always wanted to do; travel. And since then I lived and visited a few places around the world, I found my passion for cooking, met a lot of amazing people and got married. Shortly after getting married we moved to New Zealand and during the summer of 2013 welcomed our daughter Lia into our lives. The most beautiful moment we had ever lived.

I have a taste for photography and organic food styling. I’ve never studied to be food stylist; all my knowledge and training comes mostly from working as a cook in professional kitchens, and that’s why I only support organic/edible food styling. Food is beautiful the way it is plus I love the word ‘organic’, so that’s my definition for it!

I’m a fan of good nourishing food, the outdoors, art, road trips, family life, the sound of the sea and summer scarves. On regular days, you will find me pretty much being a Mum, preparing food, playing with my daughter, doing (or trying to do) things in my little garden, but also playing with my camera, shooting food + styling (for my next blog post) while preparing lunch in my little kitchen (yes, that's how much I love making food + photographing food) at the same time.


Eating wholesome + nourishing food is something that I deeply enjoy, really! After the birth of my daughter and through out personal experience I decided to start a new chapter in my life and adopted a life free of refined sugar and processed food. I've been learning a lot since adopting this new lifestyle. And believe me, sometimes I wonder... how much 'good food' I've missed before my new beginnings with whole foods! Is not like I didn't eat good food before is just that what I thought was good wasn't good enough. Is this make sense?...

So many health benefits in my life and my family's life since adopting this new lifestyle that I couldn't be more grateful for the experience that pushed me + motivated me to jump straight to it.  

      > Here's my whole personal experience on how everything started and why I decided to stop eating refined sugar and processed food .

             > And here's 'the how' of my process + Changing my Eating Habits. 

              So let's talk about the food + recipes that I share here in the blog. All the food and recipes that I share here, in the blog, is food that 'we' (my family and me) cook and eat on the regular basis. Most recipes you'll find are simple to put together (and will only require a few ingredients), busy working-parents-style/ busy people that try to find the time (even with a crazy schedule) to prepare, cook and eat wholesome + flavorful food just because. Simple is also Beautiful!

              Most of the recipes will be vegetarian, refined sugar free, using plant-based dairy alternatives but some will contain dairy or will be paleo style. And while I'm not a vegan or have any intolerance to gluten I do love vegan food, and experimenting with new ingredients. So you'll additionally find vegan + gluten free recipes too.


              I started this blog after I’ve got married. It began while working as a cook, just as a side project, pretty much and mostly ‘as a need’ to explore my creative side. Since leaving my career in arts always felt the need to express that side of me and I knew I needed to accomplish my 'Picasso (artistic) calling' in some way or form of art. 

              One day I started experimenting with my little point and shot camera taking pictures of my meals, and so you know those first photos I took weren't pretty. Not at all. So the more pictures I took, the more I wanted to know about photography. After a while and with a lot of practice + practice + practice continued with a DSLR camera. And since then food photography became an enormous part of my life, in 2011 I launched the 'Beginner's Guide to Food Photography', my first E-Book dedicated to food creatives -bloggers- lovers like me! And during 2012 I was interviewed by The Huffington Post (exciting, right! yes, I couldn't believe it myself either! You can have a look here) and wrote an article called 'How To Plate Food Like A Food Stylist'.

              So get comfy, stay for a while...have a look around! Thanks for visiting!