Time Together & Away {Part 1} // Bay of Islands // New Zealand


Bay of Islands, NZ

Our trip took place on a rainy and humid afternoon, but despite the weather,we simply wanted to lose ourselves in the vast and beautiful countryside.We traveled to the northern parts of Auckland, and we spent most of our time at the beach. I never get tired of the beaches and the scenery there.Indeed,one of the most spectacular sea views! I wish we could have stayed here a couple of days more, enjoying the ocean's view and taking photos.

During that weekend, J. and I had the opportunity to explore around the country towns, and also visit the famous Mahoe Farmhouse Cheese Factory. It was wonderful! Just been there having some quality time together, laughing, and talking about everything and nothing,simply enjoying each others company and reminding each other how much we care about the other.

So here some photos of our trip to Bay of Islands and I will post some more photos of our trip soon. I just wanted to share some sea-inspired pics first :)

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new month! Welcome November!

to be continued...

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