Lemony Custard with Pears- Blueberries and Fresh Mint Leaves And My Grandmother's Gift of Herbs


Dearest Readers, Thank you so much for your warmth and lovely words, thoughts and compliments--It certainly make my heart fly of joy :) Much-much appreciated!

Today, I just want to share one of my favorite dessert recipes. It’s a simple yet delicious dessert. Lemony custard with fresh fruits -Pears, blueberries and fresh mint.

The inspiration for this dessert came this past weekend while having a conversation with my mother about childhood memories and Saturday lunches at my grandmother's house and her gorgeous variety of-mint plants. 

My heart jumped of joy and thoughts of the past became fresh and alive again. 

My grandmother used to be a lover of fresh mint leaves; she used it in salads, desserts, teas, cool drinks and even in meat preparations.

I’d never quite understand why my grandmother included mint into her cooking. Until cooking became part of my life …

Herbs are a great and tasteful addition to any dish. No doubt!

And just like my grandmother I also have a mint plant myself ! So yesterday I picked up some fresh leaves from  my little herb garden and sprinkle a couple on this lemony custard pudding. Wonderful taste!

Wish you all a lovely rest of the week!

Lemony Custard with Pears-Blueberries and Fresh Mint Leaves

500 ml / 2 C. Milk
3 1/2 Tbsp. Unsalted butter
6 Tbsp. Sugar
4 Egg yolks
Fresh Lemon zest from 1 1/2 lemon
3 Tbsp. Cornstarch

In a saucepan--over medium heat-- add milk butter, lemon zest and sugar. Stir occasionally  until sugar is dissolved and milk is hot-- not boil.

Remove from heat and quickly add the egg yolks and cornstarch--return to the heat--whisking vigorously, allow the custard to cook-- for 1 to 2 minutes. Until the custard begun to thicken. Allow to cool. Serve warm or cool with any fruits of your choice and garnish with fresh mint leaves :)
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