Have a Blessed Easter! Nature Inspired Wholewheat Spinach + Carrot + Sunflower Bread


I remember our last Easter. It was quite different from this one. We were happy but not as happy as we are now having Lia in our lives. Sharing this Easter Season with her brings a lot of excitement and a much thankful heart. And even though we don't have much time for leisure these days, our precious baby girl makes our lives complete everyday.

In celebration of this Easter Season, I made a wholewheat spinach, carrot and sunflower bread. And wanted to share this recipe with you. It's quite simple to make and tastes wonderful spread with cream cheese, butter or pesto. I made this yesterday while Lia was taking a 'siesta' ! It felt great to have some free time to enjoy the kitchen for longer and baked something wholesome and nourishing.I was missing the aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven since Christmas! So as soon as the bread came out of the oven, I rewarded myself with a thick slice and a quick tomato salad. It was right after my last bite, that Lia woke up. We took a tour to our little garden and play with bay leaves-- She was fascinated by the texture and color of the leaves! 

And now while Lia is sitting next to me playing with her toys, I'm posting some snapshots of  the start of our Easter weekend! I hope your Easter weekend is going great!

*Have a wonderful Blessed Easter!

 Wholewheat Spinach + Carrot + Sunflower Seeds Bread
This can be served with soup, salad or as a quick snack spread with cream cheese, butter or pesto. You can also use a muffin pan for this recipe.

1 C. Wholewheat flour
1 C. All purpose  flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 1/2  tsp. baking powder
Salt  to taste
Nutmeg to taste {this enhances the flavor of the vegetables}
1 C.Parmesan Cheese
2 Medium eggs
1/4 C. Vegetable oil 
1 C. Milk { I use lactose free milk}
2/3 C. Spinach {cooked and well drained}
1 1/2 C. Carrots {finely grated}
Sunflower seeds

Preheat oven to 180C/356F. Grease a loaf/cake/muffin pan.Set aside.
In a medium bowl add dry ingredients {wheat flour, plain flour, baking soda and salt} Make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs, add spinach, carrot, cheese, oil, milk, salt and nutmeg.Mix well using a wooden spoon until everything is combined. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan,add sunflowers on top. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let it cool completely before removing from the pan. 
*Store in an airtight container into the refrigerator {this will stay fresh for up to 2-3 days}.

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