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Food Styling at Home for Food Bloggers // Tools + Tips To Help You Brighten your Food Photography //

I've been doing so many things these last couple of weeks that I couldn't pick were to start.Yes, I've been busy lately. 

However, I decided to start this post by sharing this practical tutorial that I've wrote. This little eBook is a guide for food styling and photography and how to style food  organically.  Simple and inexpensive resources that could make a pretty good difference in your food photography, regardless of type of camera or experience you have.   

In this tutorial you'll find practical ideas to style food, to design. Something useful that could make an amazing difference in your food presentations! The tips that you will find in this magazine are the same techniques that I use myself  to style my dishes as a cook working in a professional kitchen and as a food blogger. I hope you will enjoy reading this tutorial as much as I enjoyed writing and creating it! This is for 'you' ! Yes, You.

Now, Why this tutorial?
Lately I've been receiving questions /emails from some {lovely} readers regarding food styling and photography. So I thought I'd tell you what I've been learning along throughout this process. 

Who can read this tutorial? 
Anyone. FOOD BLOGGERS, MUMMY FOOD LOVERS AND ALL THOSE WITH A PASSION FOR FOOD AND ART! Or anyone that want to express the joy for food in a more creative way. 
AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE GUIDE FOR FREE.  FREE DOWNLOAD HERE! So go ahead... download this eBOOK! And if you enjoy it, I would love if you share it with your friends too! So more food bloggers-lovers could start using this practical food styling + photography guide too!

Hope everybody is having a fantastic week!