Pears with Mint Leaves and Lemon Syrup

     Spring is here

First tree flowers of the spring are starting to bloom. And while you are preparing for the season of golden leaves, crisp breezes and irresistible aromas of hot chocolate--I'm certainly preparing for warmer days and thinking about salads, barbecues and ice-creams. Lots of this last one :)

But I'm also thinking about fruit salads and the kind of fruits that we enjoy the most.

Pears or Peras --as we called them in Spanish-- are one of the most delectable fruits to me. And whatever variety of pear is available in the season –I’ve always pick a large quantity of them.  I love them slice in my morning oat bran breakfast, in savory and sweet salads, topped on a slice of French bread with some walnuts and blue cheese, poached and with lemon syrup and fresh mint leaves ( lately, my ultimate satisfaction). You see; I have a very special relationship with pears- as a child my grandfather used to give me a huge bag of pears (instead of candies) as a reward for been a good girl.And I remember those days as if they were yesterday.

          He always used to say, I have a surprise for you!
And while I opened my eyes looking curious, my grandfather smiled at me and said; this is for you. You’ve been a very good girl and if you eat these pears you will grow strong!

I remember how cheerful and enthusiastic I felt. As if a million people had just congratulated me!

We always preferred to eat them after lunch, they were juicy tender and sometimes grainy. I could never have enough of this fragrant fruit. I would love those moments back.The same feeling of childhood excitement... lunchtime with my grandparents. Treasured moments of life.

My inspiration for new ways to prepare pears came last week—After I found a gorgeous recipe of nectarine and almond salad with lemon syrup in the June/July issue number 20 of the Jamie Oliver Magazine.

I immediately knew that I could implement this dessert recipe with Pears and different fruits as well. Just keeping in mind the syrup flavor and the various fruit that could be enhance through this citrus flavors of lemon. Like…pears, kiwis, strawberries, pineapple, nectarines, grapes, melons and apples.

Making this syrup is a simple and quick process that put leftovers fruit to good use. And is even more tasteful with mixed pieces of various fruits.

Pears with Mint Leaves and Lemon Syrup
Just mix 1 cup of water with 1/2 cup sugar plus zest of 1 lemon and the juice of 1/2 lemon in a saucepan. Bring to boil and cook for a couple of minutes until sugar is dissolved and the mixture is kind of thick. 

Cut pears into slices, arrange on serving plate, drizzle with the syrup and sprinkle with mint leaves. Recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver.

It’s not an elaborated super clever dessert, but it can really work wonders after dinner as a light dessert or as a little pick-me up sweet treat. This could do much more than just satisfy a sweet tooth. 

Indulge with the fragrant flavors of pears, citrus and mint leaves.

I hope everyone is doing deliciously great!

Note: This country has been under the highlights because of this. And I thought I’d share some photos of the beautiful places that I’ve been recently revisiting  around here. Hope you like it.


  1. Como me gusta NZealand....como me gustan tus fotos.....y como me gusta la sencillez de tu receta!!....yo tambien tengo una especial atraccion a las peras.....me fascinan!...y a mi nonno tambien le gustaban....veo llega la primavera/...que rico!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  2. YUM, this dish looks amazing!! :) I love this way of serving pears...I bet it tastes totally delicious.

  3. ALDY! Oh dear, your pictures are just as delicious looking as those recipes seem to be! AND I KEEP FORGETTING that you are entering the season that we are just getting out of! Thank you for coming by for some BLUE and a tribute to Koralee, a fabulous photographer, blogger and friend!!Keep cooking! Anita

  4. Que barbara Aldi, esas fotos son bellas, bellas. ESe que esperas con ansi esta epoca del año all en tu pedazo del mundo. Espero lo disfrutes a lo maxino y cocines muchas cosas ricas.

    Por lo pronto me lelvo la receta de la ensalada de peras, que se me antojo mucho.


  5. I don't dislike pears but somehow never eat them LOL. However, this recipe just screams "eat me". Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my gosh, the pictures and the pears, both are looking so awesome. Lovely pairing of pears with mint, must be a truly delish combo. xxxx !!!!!

  7. A marvelous post with lovely pictures! That recipe is amzing too.



  8. Wow, i LOVE this post! So sweet the little story that goes with your pictures - and the aqua and yellow combination looks soooooo pretty! Must try this pear recipe Aldy, am such a fan of mint and still have it fresh in my garden.Hugs for a lovely day!

  9. Lovely photos and pear recipe, why don't you enter it for Sweet NZ, and get to know other NZ food bloggers?

    Unless you have already entered that is...

    Anyway, the host for the event this month is Allison of Pease Pudding, info here http://peasepudding.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/sweet-new-zealand/


  10. Aldy, your pictures are always so pretty...so soothing.
    I love the idea of pears, mint and citrus...very nice and fragrant.
    Hope you are having a fantastic week and again thank you for the pictures :-)

  11. Very pretty looking nature pictures Aldy...love the combo of pears & mint together.so so refreshing!

  12. What beautiful spring photos. I love that memory you have of your grandfather and the pears. Good for him to reach out and create such a wonderful moment.

  13. ur photos are soo full of light and life. The gorgeous bright yellow and orange screams summer all the time.

  14. Me encantaron tus recuerdos de tu abuelo...las fotos de New zealand (algun dia iré?) y la receta....y el domingo?
    Arriba los Pumas !!! (bah, no sé si tu marido es All Blacks)

  15. @ Kankana, Oooh So Sweet!

    @ Cris, Gracias! Aqui le vamos mitad y mitad-mitad pumas mitad all blacks :)

  16. Just mouthwatering...looks so easy to prepare and delicious along with lovely photos!

  17. Your photos are lovely, as usual, Aldy. Isn't that a magnolia in the first photo? I love it!
    Pears are the most delicious fruit. What a wonderful story about your grandfather and what a delectable way to serve fresh pears!

  18. @ Barbara, Oooh Thanks So Much :)Yes! they are magnolias. Me too.


  19. Here's another post which britened my day. Really, your photos are one of rare photos who cheer me up. The color, beautiful objects, styling, etc...everything is played just right. I love the story behind too. :-)

  20. What a sweet story about your grandfather and the pears. Our grandparents have a way of always making everything so magical when we are young.

  21. So many beautiful things are captured here!

  22. Las peras son de mis frutas favoritas. Aunque hace tiempo que no consigo de esas que cuando las mordés te cae el jugo por la mano! La de la foto parece más como la asíática , un poco más alargada.
    Pumas , pumas!!! todo nuestro aliento!! Que lugares hermosos!


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