Ginger and Coconut Flan-- What's the difference between Flan and Crème Brulee?

How was everybody's Easter long-weekend? In this part of the world, rained all weekend. But at least the long weekend helped me –and J.--to relax more, read more, watch some movies and of course do more cooking.

 I guess I can't complain!

I've received two lovely emails this week. One from Marcela from the lovely blog food travel and wine –She is having a contest and great giveaway— and the other one from sweet K., who asked me: What’s the difference between Flan and Crème Brule? 

It’s always special to receive emails from any of you. Thank you!

So to answer K.'s question, I've decided to make a flavored Flan--Coconut and Ginger Flanunfortunately because we’re in fall season I couldn’t get fresh coconut but I replaced it with desiccated coconut. I just found out that they still sell fresh coconut--even in autumn! Sorry still new here :) So this flan has a soft coconut aroma :)

What’s the difference between Flan and Crème Brulee?
They are both custards, but there’s a difference in texture and taste. Crème brulee has a more heavy-thick texture-flavor and it is made with heavy pouring cream, egg yolks and sugar. I find it to be closer to a dense pudding.

While Flan is made with milk, whole eggs and sugar. And it has a more soft-delicate texture and flavor, it's like a creamy-caramel jello.
Also, one thing to keep in mind is that Flan recipes will vary depending on each Latin- American country.  

I believe at the end they all taste wonderful!

Any other thoughts on the subject? I would absolutely love to hear about it!

Wish you all a nice and colorful rest of the week!

Ginger and Coconut Flan
makes 6- 8

For the caramel:
1 cup sugar
1 / 2 cup water

For the flan:
4 cups hot milk
1 / 2 cup sugar
6 medium eggs
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract 
1/2 C. Shredded Coconut**
3 tsp. fresh ginger, grated 
2 Green Cardamom seeds

**fresh or desiccated-whatever is available to you.


First preheat oven to 180 ° C / (350 F.)

To prepare the caramel, place sugar and water in a medium saucepan and simmer, stirring, until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and let simmer 5 to 10 minutes until caramel is made turning its color turn from golden brown to dark brown. Remove from heat. Working quickly but-- at the same time being careful not to burn yourself-- pour hot caramel into molds and spread throughout the base.

To prepare the custard, place milk, sugar, grated ginger and coconut in a saucepan.And slowly heat the milk– do not let the milk boil-- stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves and milk is hot.

In a bowl beat eggs and vanilla essence for about 2 minutes, pour into hot milk mixture and stir. Strain the mixture into a container and divide the mixture into the coated ramekins /molds and place them in a baking dish. Fill half of it with hot water and bake in bain—marie/ water bath for about 30 minutes or until a knife inserted in center of the custard comes out clean. Allow to cool, then refrigerate until ready to use. Serve with dulce de leche or whipped cream.
 ~Flan can be serve warm or cool.
~Flan can be made the night before. Just keep it in the refrigerator.

Before Serving Tips:
To remove the flan from ramekins/molds, run a knife around the edges of each of them. Place a plate over the ramekin and using both hands, invert both dishes-- shake it gently, If necessary -- carefully, so that the flan and the liquid sauce--caramel-- unmold onto the platter.


  1. Jengibre en un flan... qué interesante. En España el flan es un clasicazo, especialmente como postre infantil. Te han quedado preciosos! Besos.

  2. PErdona por tardar tanto en venir a tu blog. Que maravilla de fotos, entran ganas de tirarse a por el flan. He estado echando un vistazo a alguna de tus entradas y son una maravilla, me alegra el haberte conocido.

  3. Oh! Your flan looks delicious, and I absolutely love ginger with coconut...sounds so exotic...love your description of creme brulee and flan...very well done. The pictures are amazing...as you can you I can go on and on...
    Hope you are having a wonderful week Aldy :-)

  4. Que delicioso se ve!!....a mi me gustan ambos....flan y crene brulee....gracias por poner el concurso!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  5. Beautiful photos, and the recipe is bookmarked! Thanks for sharing!

  6. wow great flan and what an original flavor love it

  7. I'm still trying my best to catch up, I feel so behind with everything.... but that's how the holidays are for me. recouping two weeks after.

  8. Yes they do all taste wonderful...Love the sound of coconut here, so delicate :)

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind comments!


  10. I'm really not an expert in this field, but I always thought flan doesn't have the crispy 'skin' like creme brulee? I might be completely wrong though :-D This, however, looks fantastic. What a perfectly special treat!

  11. Mmmhhh, just marvelous! Flans are so divine. A great choice of flavors.



  12. @ Maria, Yes! you absolutely right :) Flan doesn't have the crispy skin like creme brulee. Flan has a soft texture and it's more like a creamy-caramel jello. The brown color you see own this flan is dulce de leche, I just couldn't resist adding some to the flans :)



  13. This looks so fantastic! Thanks for clearing up the difference between flan and creme brulee. Been curious for a while about that :).

  14. This flan looks amazing! Flan is one of my favorite desserts. Great pictures, too.

  15. I love the flavors you've used to make your flan. It really sounds wonderful and it certainly is unique. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  16. Great descriptions of creme brulee and flan! This all looks delicious!

  17. Esa ultima foto es ES PEC TA CU LAR!! Nunca probé un flan con jenjibre..a mis chicos y mardi no les gusta el jenjibre, asi que no tendré otra escapatoria que hacerlo para mi sola!!
    Un besote,

  18. I could eat your flan every day, no problem at all :) A wonderful combination of flavors for this flan, such a lovely recipe.And I'll have to try your beautiful recipe, Yum. Thanks for explaining the difference between flan and creme brulee.

    Absolutely stunning photos!

  19. Thank you so Much, Beautiful People!

    I'm glad you all like this flan recipe :)



  20. Hi Aldy, This is looking absolutely delightful. Loved the new combo of ingredients and the recipe is so nicely made and presented. Saving this recipe of urs and wud love to give ur version a try on the coming weekend. Have a great day….Sonia !!!

  21. un flan con jenjibre parece sencillamente delicioso, habra que probar tu receta pronto. La crema catalana, (una creme brulee al estilo de alla) es uno de mis postres favoritos, tambien pertenece al grupo de las custards/flans/creme brulee/creme caramel. Fantastico post, amiga Aldy, besitos desde londres

  22. Hola Aldy, no había visto este flan tan delicado, diferente y especial- Tus fotos impecables como siempre. Llevas toda la razón siempre es agradable recibir mails de gente que aprecia el trabajo que haces, y te hace preguntas o solo comenta. La verdad es que es maravilloso. Un beso muy grande.

  23. @ Pity,

    @ Ana,

    Gracias mis lindas!


  24. Hi Aldy,

    Love your flan recipe and thanks for sharing it on Season with Spice. Would love to learn more about other recipes available on each Latin American country. Will you give us the treat?:)

  25. I love flan and I really think your photos are gorgeous too!

  26. Your flan w/ ginger and coconut in it is interesting! A really must-try recipe. Nice photos too, looks so yummy.

  27. @ Reese, Thanks happy you liked it! And I'll do my best to share other recipes with the spices that I love the most :)

  28. @ Cakebrain,

    @ Margarita,

    Thanks for the lovely words :)


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