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I know we 'food bloggers' love to share our creations with all of our online + offline friends, right?! I believe this is probably the most important part of our journey as food bloggers; sharing what we make and photograph.

So, we choose a recipe, we made it, we photographed it, we click the publish post button and we wait...and wait.... for our photo to be seen for all the foodie lovers around the world. 

We are passionate for food, we socialize with other food bloggers, but we also need practical and useful resources that could help us grow to show other people that we love what we do. So one thing that is really handy to share your food + recipes are "Food Photo Communities" ! These food photography communities are great and you can share your recipes + food photos there. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of these free services. It will also gives you a lot of inspiration. Particularly if you enjoy food photography! So don't be shy and show the world about what you do in the kitchen.

Here's the list of my favorite food photography communitiesYou probably know some of them or probably don’t... However, have a look around, have fun + enjoy sharing your passion. 

Do you have any other online sources where you show and share your passion? If so feel free to share your favorites in the comments section. 

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