Food Photography Communities-- Inspirational Help To Food Bloggers And A Vanilla Cappuccino Cookie Recipe

Whatever the situation may be there is always something one has to do in the kitchen. Isn’t it?...  Breakfast, snacks, dinner, dessert, freezer storage, freeze, defrost, bake, clean the oven and the best thing of all “Dish-washing”?! :)  

You see; I'm not a big fan of dish-washing. This is the only task that I don't enjoy much around the kitchen. And I could say I have a like / dislike  relationship with it.

Are you too?

Particularly after preparing and making cookies!
And the baking is finished.  A few sheet pans, bowls, measuring cups, spoons, flour everywhere... and a couple dozen of 'Irresistible mouth-watering Cookies' :) It becomes a sweet sacrifice at the end of the process! 

Yes, this is a big-pleasant-world full of amazing flavors and aromas waiting for us...

To be taste.

And even better— to be share.

Yes, we 'food bloggers' love to share our creations. 

With a gorgeous photo! I believe this is probably the most important part of our journey as food bloggers. Sharing what we made and photographed.

So, we choose a recipe, we made it, we photographed it, we click the publish post button and we wait...

and wait.... for our photo to be seen for all the foodie lovers around the world. But sometimes it seems that is not getting the attention that really deserves.

We need to make people aware of our passion for food. We need to socialize with other food bloggers. But above all this we need practical and useful resources to help us grow and establish online presence in our niche as food bloggers.
But what can we do?

We can share our food photos in different communities!

There are wonderful food photography communities where food bloggers get together and share their delectable photos. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of these free services. It will also gives you a lot of inspiration. Particularly if you enjoy food photography! So don't be shy and show the world about what you do in “The Kitchen”.

This is a list of favorites Food Photography Communities  that I really enjoy. You probably know some of them or probably don’t. Do you have any other online sources where you show and share your passion? If so feel free to share your favorites in the comments section. Here they are: 



Season with Spice







And let's not forget the cookie recipe; Vanilla cookies with a touch of coffee :)

More Food Photography and Food Styling Tips and Ideas:

Vanilla Cappuccino Cookies Recipe

Make 20

115 gr/ 4 oz. Softened unsalted butter
125 gr/ 4 ½ oz. Soft brown sugar
Pinch of salt
2 small eggs
1 Tbsp. Vanilla essence
¼ C. Instant coffee dissolved in hot water
170 gr/ 6 oz. All-purpose flour / Plain Flour
½ tsp. Baking powder
¼ tsp. Baking soda
90 gr/ 3 oz. Plain chocolate, chopped 


In a medium bowl add the butter, the sugar and salt. Mix until creamy. Add the eggs, vanilla essence and ¼ c. coffee and mix for about 1-2 minutes until combined. Now add the flour, baking powder and bicarbonate soda and chopped chocolate. Mix until all ingredients are well combined. 

Form the mixture into a sausage roll—about 20-22 cm long/ 8 inch approx.—and carefully wrap with plastic. Refrigerate for 2- 2 ½ hrs .When ready preheat oven to 180C/ 350F. Cut into slices—about 1 cm/ ½ inch thick). Put onto baking trays and bake for 15 minutes. Let the cool before serving.


  1. Me encanta pasar a visitarte y disfrutar de tus bonitas entradas, hermosas fotografías y esas delicias que haces. Encantadoras estas galletitas con ese toquecito de café.
    un fuerte abrazo, que tengas un feliz día!

  2. es verdad, son unas galletitas preciosas y seguro que estan deliciosas, habra que probarlas pronto! besitos!

  3. Oh-My-Word!!! These cookies look extremely DELICIOUS. I mean Vanilla and cappuccino...I would never have thought to use those flavors.YUUUMMY

    Fabulous Recipe!

    Thank you for sharing such a great list of Food Porn Websites :)

  4. miamm , they look delicious !!!

  5. Que ricas estas galletas....y los datos tambien....se que estas lejos de Christchurch.....pero igual espero no te haya pasado nada a ti ni a los tuyos....Abrazotes, Marcela

  6. What a beautiful blog! Love the pictures, recipes and texts!
    These cookies look delicious :-)

  7. Tengo todos los link que recomiendas, jejejje Y sabes a quien mas en mi carpeta de inspiración a ti. si, si, asi te conocí, jejej. Haces unas fotos preciosas y unos desayunos increibles.
    Bueno, a lo que nos ocupa, la reeceta riquisa, lo que te digo yo para un domingo especial.
    Un besazo

  8. These look delightful, and thank you for sharing the links :)

  9. Tastespotting and foodgawker are always inspiring to me. These cookies must be amazing! I wouldn't be able to keep these in the house very long.

  10. These cookies look fantastic - love the capuccino touch!

  11. Thanks Everybody!!! I'm feeling the LOVE :)


    Gracias a todos! Por todo el Cariño :)


  12. @ Ana El Dia Mas Dulce,Muchas Gracias por tus hermosas palabras. Me siento afortunada de estar en tu carpeta de inpiraciones! Todo un Honor.



  13. Recien llego de BA...muerta de cansancio!! Me tomaria un té con tus cookies...con TANTO placer !!!

  14. Tengo mi mate en la mano y con ganas lo acompañaría conestas deliciosas galletitas.
    Algunos de los links los conocía , voy a pasar a ver los otros.
    Y a mí me encanta compartir mis experiencias , también.

  15. Oh my goodness, look at those cookies! What a brilliant combination. Will try these for sure!

  16. These sound so good! Fantastic combination!

  17. What a great recipe! Thank you for sharing. I'm glad I stopped by today. By the way, I have a contest giveaway on my blog you might find fun. Take a look. triumphandtears.blogspot.com

  18. I love these cookies. They look so yummy. Love the coffee and chocolate combination.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe!

  19. Que maravilla de galletas, me encanta esta receta.
    Besos querida.

  20. Oh! estas galletitas están divinas!... es que todo lo que haces luce delicioso!

  21. These cookies look absolutely delectable. Can't wait to try out the recipe- thanks for sharing!

  22. A wonderful combination! Those cookies look marvelous.




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