Green Apple Salad with Feta and Vinaigrette {Simple + Light + Delicious}


As summer arrives and the weather starts to get warm and sunny, all I want to do is take my picnic basket filled with my favorites and have lunch by the harbor. 

Eat lot of refreshing foods, full of vibrant flavors, delicious and easy to prepare. I simply could not resist!

Although here spring officially began the first day of September, most days this month have been windy and with a lots of rain. But yesterday morning the day started beautifully, bright and sunny… So we decided to take advantage of it!

We had breakfast at home and then headed to the harbor, for a long walk. There were many people photographing the harbor. 

Young people, older people, couples-- they were all just relaxing and enjoying the day. J. and I did the same! We walked, we took some pictures, we laughed and we started to feel hungry! Yes, we couldn’t believe it was almost lunchtime.

After a morning like this I could only think of one simple food for lunch; Salad! 

I know what we would have for lunch today; I told J.--He said; Mm mm…you have that look again. What look? ... I said. That funny look you always have in your eyes, every time you feel inspired to cook something new!he said. I laughed…

So I made a salad with green apples, watercress, thin slices of red onions and sweet cherry tomatoes. I served it with walnut-basil vinaigrette, some feta cheese and slices of French bread. Even though it’s kind of simple, this salad is really nourishing and tasty.

Green Apple Salad 
Green apples,clean and cut into 4-5 medium slices
Watercress lettuce
Cherry tomatoes, in halves or into sliced
Red onion, thinly sliced

In a plate or serving dish place one slice of apple, then a layer of lettuce, red onions and cherry tomatoes.Do the same with the rest.Just a layer on top of the other.

Walnut-Basil Vinaigrette  
1/3 C. olive oil
1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1 clove of garlic
1 Tbsp. fresh basil
1 tsp. walnuts 
Salt and Pepper to taste

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.Refrigerate until ready to use.Serve the salad with feta cheese and slices of fresh bread.

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