Hi, it's great to have you here! 

I'm Aldy, a Cook + a Mom + a Certified Food Health Coach + Food Stylist & Photographer. I’m an Argentinian that wasn’t born in Argentina, and I’m married to a wonderful man that supports me in everything I do. 

During my second year at the University of Visual Arts, I decided to follow my heart and do what I always wanted to do; travel. And since then I lived and visited a few places around the world, I found my passion for cooking, met a lot of amazing people and got married. Shortly after getting married we moved to New Zealand and during the summer of 2013 welcomed our daughter Lia into our lives. The most beautiful moment we had ever lived.

I'm also a fan of living a life of true nourishment and mindful eating and here on AlDente Gourmet I share my recipes, wellness articles and help you understand more about eating habits and food choices to hopefully inspire you to create the healthy lifestyle you want

So what is AlDente Gourmet all about? Healthy Recipes, Wellness, and Mindful Eating. And if you want to know more about my story and the blog you can keep reading below. You can also contact me here for any comments, feedback, questions or to simply say hi!


Most of the recipes will be vegetarian, refined sugar-free, using plant-based dairy alternatives but some will contain dairy or they will be paleo style. Incorporating healthy foods and ingredients with lots of nutritional content to help you create more vibrant fresh meals, desserts, and snacks at home. 

Why Refined Sugar-Free Recipes?

After the birth of my daughter and throughout personal experience and challenges with my health I decided to start a new chapter in my life and adopted a life free of refined sugar and processed food. The benefits I've experienced since adopting this new lifestyle has brought many blessings to my life and my family's life.


My first career started as a cook in professional kitchens, I've got to work in a few amazing places where I discover my passion and love for food and cooking. After the birth of my daughter (and after a few challenges related to my health) I realized that there was more about Food, Cooking, and Eating that I wanted to know. So I decided to get a second (new) career and become a Certified Food Health Coach. 

As a Food Health Coach my mission is to help you understand eating habits and relationship with food. Exploring from the inside how emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can impact eating habits. Understanding the 'Why we eat the way we eat'. 

So here you'll also find posts about eating habits and food choices because healthy eating is not just what you eat, counting how many grams you eat in a day or continuous eating restrictions. Healthy eating is about finding a balance between your mind, body, and spirit to feel joyful about yourself and food.


I have a taste for photography and organic food styling. All of my knowledge and training as a food stylist; comes mostly from working as a cook in professional kitchens.So in a way, I can say that I'm a self-thought Food Stylist. Some of my work such as; 'How to Plate Food as a Food Stylist' has been published in The Huffington Post and you can have a look here. My food styling approach is based on organic/edible food styling only. And while I'm a great lover of art I am a cook before anything else, and I like to treat food with respect and honesty. So every meal and food you see on the blog have been prepared and styled naturally and have been eaten afterward.


I started this blog after I’ve got married. It began while working as a cook, just as a side project, pretty much and mostly ‘as a need’ to explore my creative side. Since leaving my career in arts always felt the need to express that side of me and I knew I needed to accomplish my 'Picasso (artistic) calling' in some way or form of art. 

One day I started experimenting with my little point and shot camera taking pictures of my meals, and so you know those first photos I took weren't pretty. Not at all. So the more pictures I took, the more I wanted to know about photography. After a while and with a lot of practice + practice + practice continued with a DSLR camera. And since then food photography became an enormous part of my life, and in 2011 I launched the 'Beginner's Guide to Food Photography', my first E-Book dedicated to food creatives -bloggers- lovers like me! 

Thank you for visiting! I hope you'll find some inspiration from this virtual space of mine. And if you have any questions or comments, you can contact me here.


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