2 Simple Steps Guide to Meal Planning & Introducing ''The Meal & Grocery Planner + Recipe Card Free Printable"


The Nourishing Meal & Grocery Planner + Recipe Card Printable Set Guide is here!

I told you I would be back with this exclusive content but more exclusive content to come so stay tuned  yes finally, here it is ready for you to feel inspired and start planning your healthy meals! I hope you're excited about this and I can't wait to hear your feedback!

For many years I've had plan our meals and I can always see the benefits of it. And while I'm far from being perfect, I know that 'good health' starts in the kitchen. A heart-warming home-cooked meal can always increase the strength our body needs, our mood, and even our behavior as well  but more on that later. 

Let me tell you that as I became more and more involved in planning our meals one day I realized I had memorized the whole process and knowing how to incorporate different nourishing ingredients in our family meals it developed into an organic process to me. I know it can be a bit challenging at the beginning but after a while it becomes easy. That's why I wanted to share with you some things that helped me along the way that hopefully can help you too.

Planning a nutritious meal doesn't have to be a complicated thing. So don't hesitate in starting if you are on a journey of creating better healthy habits at home by preparing and cooking your own meals you'll definitely benefit from Meal Planning! Below I prepared a Simple 2 Steps Meal Planning Guide you can easily follow.

My advice to you before you start planning your meals will be to Listen to Your Body first. Do not stress about it just listen and create meals that will give you satisfaction, are easy to put together, taste delicious, and have lots of natural goodies ingredients.



Start by creating a list of favorite recipes including meals and snacks that you/ your family enjoy eating. Keep in mind adding/ trying a new meal that can also be included in your list as something that can bring a little special something.


After selecting your favorite recipes, create a list of ingredients you will need for those recipes during the week. Remember that including favorite vegetables, green leaves, legumes, and cheeses and protein will enhance nourishment and enjoyment 😋

Then just download and print the Meal, Grocery Planner I created for you and start filling in with your selected recipes and ingredients!
So hopefully, this Meal, Grocery Planner, and Recipe card set will either inspire you or by giving this printable set as a gift to a friend — to take every day as an opportunity to grow and eat in a more meaningful way and reconnect with your whole-body throughout preparing delicious, rich foods while planning your meals more creatively and consciously. 

''To Nourish is To Flourish''