What's New on AlDente Gourmet this Year 2018?


Hello friends, Happy New Year! 

I hope you’re all well, enjoying this almost end of January! And yes, I'm back. The beginning of this year has been busy for me, not only on the personal level. But also on the redesigning and relaunching of AlDente Gourmet blog, and today I come to tell you all about its brand-new look, philosophy, and intentions for this 2018 and also some exclusive surprises just for you!

You see, for many years this blog has been a place for sharing recipes, my love for food, thoughts, and also my creative side with tips for food styling photography. But as many of you know a lot has changed in my life these last four years- and since going deeper into the health circle and becoming a Food Health Coach- some aspects of my life evolved, and so AlDente Gourmet started to evolve as well. And became a place where I also share wellness tips, family recipes, intentional eating and healthy cooking. 

My hope for this virtual home of mine this 2018 is to make it more 'purposeful' than last year. So redesigning the AG blog all together was one of the main goals in mind that needed to be done to translate the essence and purpose of this blog. And so far I'm feeling pretty happy about this new AlDente Gourmet and its changes. Hopefully, you'll like it too and be as excited as I'm for this. And I'd love to hear your feedback!

The Purpose + New Look

During last year I had shared with you a few wellness and self-care articles, and also some ways that could incorporate nutritious ingredients into your cooking. This year I'll love to bring more of those articles-besides the recipes- to help you fulfill a healthy lifestyle and inspire you to live and eat with more intention while learning to listen to your body, mind, spirit, emotions, and thoughts.

The redesigning of the AG was part of its purpose and evolution as well. So there aren't huge changes respecting the new design of the blog, but just enough to make the blog more practical and focused-and yes...all right I'll say it; more pretty too.

So when you arrive at AlDente Gourmet blog site now you’ll immediately see an entry-page, this page it’s pretty much for your convenience so you can browse and go whatever you’d like to go to the site more easily and get to know what’s AlDente Gourmet is all about and its main purpose and philosophy. And on both menu-bars, you'll find a link that will take you straight to the AG blog! 

Just for You + Exclusive Goodies

There you’ll also find the 'Free Guide to Meal Planning'Yes, this is a Free downloadable that includes a Meal and Grocery Planner + Recipes ideas exclusively for you as a gift for being part of AlDente Gourmet, so expect a new email from me soon!

I wanted to create this meal planner because I know that some of you might find it a bit complicated to plan a healthy meal, particularly if you are a mother like me, have hungry little ones to feed and ten plus things to do around the house. Planning and organizing your meals and shopping will give you the opportunity to create a more balanced and nutritious way to eat well and also spend less!

And definitely, keep you less stress-out about 'What to eat' every day and... give you extra time for other things…like having a chai, having a well-deserved nap or sipping a glass of strawberry flavored milk! — My intention is that you make yourself (and your family's) way of eating something of 'meaningful importance' and that throughout planning your meals you'll feel inspired to do so.

There will be lots of other exclusive content and freebies just for you to subscribers! So if you're here visiting the AG make sure to Sign Up, because some goodies will be sent soon!

A Learning Space + Mini-Courses  

I'm planning a few mini-courses for this year! This is something that I've been wanting to create for a while, so at the moment I'm working on one mini-course! And I'll tell you more about it later. The purpose of creating these mini-courses is to provide you with something of more value that can support your wellness journey and encourage you to fulfill the life you want while learning little things along the way that can enrich your knowledge on healthy eating. I think this is something that you'd like so hopefully time will be on my side to finish this project soon!

And you’re welcome to let me know your ideas on what you’d like to learn more about this year! 

Do you want to explore more about nourishing cooking and how to prepare and implement more nutritious foods?... Or is there something more creative that will like to explore like; food styling photography?...

That's all for now! I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts below ⇲ :) 
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