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Nowadays I get to spend much more time in the kitchen with Lia. She has grown so much! She recognizes every movement that I make in the kitchen and most of the time she knows exactly what utensils, pots, pans, and ingredients I’ll need when preparing a meal or making a snack.

Our favorite time to spend together in the kitchen is while making popcorn! And every time is funnier than the last. We like having a bowl of popcorn mostly in the afternoon. Lia would open the kitchen cabinet and reach for a pot and a bowl and put them both next to the stove while I’d take the popping corn jar. Right after pouring the kernels into the pot, we both stay quiet for a few seconds while staring through the pot glass lid waiting for that fascinating second when kernels start to pop. And let me tell you that we're never tired of it!

I grow up making popcorn at home, so this is something that I’m quite familiar with. Whether was watching a movie at home or just playing with puzzles; popcorn was the easiest, delicious and most satisfying quick homemade snack we could ask for as children.

We used to heat a pot, then cook the popcorn kernels into vegetarian oil and then add salt or sugar after they popped. I still using the same technique my parents used in making popcorn but I substitute vegetarian oil with ghee or raw coconut oil and add natural sweeteners or spices to enhance its nutrition.

Popcorn is quite nutritious though, it has a lot of fiber, is completely gluten-free and is a very powerful antioxidant as well, this is not any kind of snack you see? And if you want to read more about popcorn, just have a look at this savory turmeric + garlic popcorn recipe -this, by the way, is a quite delicious savory popcorn recipe to try- So yes, as I was saying popcorn is quite nutritious and it can be made even healthier when using natural ingredients to cook it.

Not only is this an incredible, quick ‘Super Healthy Snack’ for toddlers and moms but everyone. Believe me, Lia’s little friends and moms love this sweet and salty popcorn recipe. Either way, you’re a busy parent like me or just love healthy snacks and want to have a nice treat after school or work this popcorn recipe is perfect!

It gives you a nice boost of energy and keeps you satisfied for longer during afternoon hours or between afternoon and dinner time.

In the video recipe I prepared bellow I show how to make stovetop popcorn at home just using a pot! Plus a simple way that you can incorporate wholesome ingredients when making this healthy snack. 

As always love hearing from you, any questions or comments or healthy recipes you want to see on the blog let me know by leaving a comment or just send me an email! 

Click play to watch the recipe video!

If you are unable to find ghee you can substitute for clarified butter or sunflower oil. For the seasoning, you can also use organic agave, organic maple syrup or coconut sugar.

1/2 C. Popcorn Kernels/ Popping Corn
1 1/2 Tbsp. Ghee or 3 Tbsp. Raw Coconut oil
Himalayan Salt or Regular Salt to Taste
Organic Brown Rice Syrup to taste


In a pot/saucepan melt coconut oil on medium-high heat (not high-maximum heat). Add popping corn and cover pot with the lid, while shaking pot often until kernels start to pop. They should be ready in a couple of minutes, so be careful not to let them burn. 

Take them out of the heat as soon as they are ready. Put popcorn into a bowl, add the salt and brown rice syrup, mix well and serve. Enjoy!


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