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AlDente Gourmet is a blog that focuses on nourishing healthy foods, free of refined sugar and processed foods using natural ingredients and cooking techniques to enhance flavor and nutrition. From gathering ingredients to creating vibrant recipes to food styling and photographing.

So, how can we work together?

I'm always happy to collaborate on projects with other creative-minded people, either small or large project! I can work with you on the following:


I love creating beautiful food photographs and enhancing every element of it through organic food styling techniques and natural lighting. I can create beautiful, inspiring food images for your website, blog, eBook, or editorial food photography to go alongside a cookbook, a magazine or health, and wellness article! 


I'm a cook before anything else and creating vibrant nourishing recipes is something that I'm very passionate about. Gathering ingredients, tasting, adjusting and cooking! So either you need help with recipes featuring your product, a magazine or a cookbook I can develop healthy, delicious, nourishing recipes for your company or brand! I'd love to help.

I specialize in refined sugar-free + processed free foods, including vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, paleo foods but can create any tailor-made recipe with a dietary need.


If you need some guidance on writing a recipe and making instructions clear, no problem I can help you with that.

+ Additional:

We can work either in English or Spanish language.

You can contact me here for more info!