Three Cheese Wheat Pizza with Pea Shoots and Gardeding for The New Season

Pea shoots Pizza

I believe we all have days when we don’t have the time or simply the energy to go shopping. Particularly after a long busy day—And even though we’re just two -- Breakfast and quick lunches are always a ‘must have’ in our house to keep our selves going throughout the day until dinnertime.
This also give us the opportunity to ‘catch up’ with each other and relax while  eating our lunch. It really makes a difference! This means that I can’t get away with cooking! To me feeling hungry is not enjoyable at all—It make me grumpy and over-tired.

I always try to have some good food staples in the house, some of my favorites are dry pasta, polenta, lentils, rice, plain and wheat flour for quick breads such as pizzas and focaccias and a good douse of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, fresh greens, root vegetables and fresh fruits (in season)--And of course parmesan cheese and a fresh stick of French bread.  

I also like to keep chicken breasts and prawns or seafood mix in the freezer as they are easy to defrost and very useful to create a lot of different dishes.
It is amazing the variety of dishes that can be prepared using the same ingredients. And believe me – it works wonderfully every time. 

On Friday evening, we decided our Saturday would start early. J. and I made plans to work on our little garden. Connecting with nature always bring the best of ourselves. It’s one of the simplest and uplifting ways to nurture my spirit.
We spent our morning in manual labor, preparing our garden for the new season.  After finishing our gardening, we sat next to the fence and observed all we have done. But that didn’t last for long. The rain forced us back inside. Oh, nature…beautiful nature!

It was such a fun morning.

We were tired and hungry. So I prepared wheat flour pizzas—one with this topping variation—and the other one with feta cheese, parmesan, soft buffalo mozzarella topped with thin onion slices and lovely greens pea shoots. J’s favorite.

And for dessert we also enjoyed a quick fruit salad with kiwis, bananas, oranges, apples and pears. With juice of fresh squeezed oranges.

I hope everybody is well and happy!

Three Cheese Wheat Flour Pizza with Pea Shoots
Make 1 Large

2 C. Wheat flour
3/4 C. + 1 Tbsp. warm water
1 1/2 tsp. Instant dry yeast
1 tsp. Sugar
1 tsp. Vegetable oil
1/4 tsp. Salt

*Parmesan, feta and buffalo mozzarella cheese 
onion slices and Pea shoots for topping.

Inn a bowl add flour and salt. Set aside. Take measuring cup and add yeast, warm water and  sugar--Mix well and cover with a plate.Wait (about 10 minutes) for bubbles to appear in the yeast.Add yeast mixture to the flour plus the oil. Mix together all the ingredients to form the dough.Using your hands work the dough for about 5 minutes until smooth and elastic. Cover and set in warm part of the kitchen-let the dough rest for 15-20 minutes. 

When ready, just punch down the dough over a floured surface and shape into a circle. Transfer the dough into lightly floured baking tray. Brush the dough with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle with the three cheese and onion slices. Bake for 15 minutes and serve hot. When ready sprinkle with with pea shoots and serve immediately. QJVQPC9XWHSZ